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Greece Tours - Crete

Greece tours offer something truly exciting to the European traveler. This is a country that boasts a heady mix of spectacular scenery, rich cultural heritage and some of the most wonderful, pristine beaches that can be found anywhere in Europe. From Acropolis to Rhodes, we look at some superb photography from our tours to Greece. Remember, you can find our full menu of Greece tours here.

Acropolis of Athens (pictured above) is a sensational Citadel structure that sits high above the City of Athens. These impressive remains, which sit on a rocky mount, are the historical ruins of a once thriving civilization, and any trip to Athens should incorporate a visit here.  The most significant of the Acropolis is the Pantheon. Aptly, in Greek, Acropolis means “The sacred rock, the high City”.


Greece Tours Acropolis Athens

Athens itself is an exciting city to visit, incorporating some beautiful areas with quaint scenery (as in image above). There are many things to see while on your Athens visit, including the Acropolis Museum, Plaka, Syntagma Square and the National Gardens to name but a few.


Greece Tours -  Crete Agios Nicolas

Agios Nikolaos in Crete (picture above) is a picturesque town with plenty to offer. Perfect for long, lazy strolls along the pathways, the waterfronts are simply gorgeous and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy a meal.


Greece Tours - Rhodes

Rhodes (pictured above) is a famous and suitably beautiful Greek island which has a plethora of attractions and sights for the explorer to enjoy. From the Seven Springs and Monastery of Tsampika to the beautiful Medievil old city of Rhodes, this is a place that’s sure to capture your heart and imagination alike.

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